Benefits of Dry Needling

Benefits of Dry Needling

Also known as intramuscular stimulation (IMS), dry needling is a form of treatment that involves inserting the needle into a trigger point of the muscle. By using the same thin needles used in acupuncture, skilled physiotherapists directly target the trigger points that normally cause pain throughout the body. For instance, dry needling for neck pain is proven to be helpful in decreasing pain and increasing motion for patients.

According to practitioners, the needle will help in relieving any muscle spasms or pain. While the needles will remain in your skin for short time, the total duration depends on the practitioner. Some dry needle techniques are also aimed at treating broader landscape. Instead of inserting the needles at the point of pain these techniques target the areas around the point of pain. Here are some of the benefits of dry needling


Relieves pain and muscle tightness

What makes dry needling one of the most effective techniques is that it targets trigger points. For instance, if you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain, the practitioner will insert the needles directly into the trigger points. This will release tension, reduce inflammation, and minimize the pressure that has caused pain.

benefits of dry needling

It relaxes tight muscles

Since physiotherapists can identify the trigger points, they use this technique to help relax tight muscles. Although the mechanism is not fully understood, it’s believed that it alters the electrical activity and effectively reset the muscles back to normal.

It speeds up recovery

Anytime you are injured the longest and the worst part is the process of recovery. With dry needling technique, you can experience quick pain relief through an improved range of motion. As compared to other treatment options, this will also speed up the process of recovery.

Improved blood flow

By seeking out the trigger points dry needling relaxes the muscles and improves your blood flow.


While dry needling is normally considered safe a person is at risk of contracting blood-borne diseases if the practitioner uses non sterilized needles. Other risks associated with it include

•Bleeding at the sites.
•Temporary soreness.
•Bruising around the sites.

Know About Breast Cancer Treatment

Know About Breast Cancer Treatment

Have you recently been diagnosed with breast cancer? Not sure where to go next or what breast cancer treatment is available? We will have a look at what breast cancer treatment options are available so you can be more informed as to what is out there.   

The good news is there are several different options such as complex breast surgery or therapy that you can choose from. These options include the following:    

  • Radiotherapy 
  • Hormone Therapy  
  • Chemotherapy  
  • Surgery  
  • Targeted Therapy  
  • Neoadjuvant Therapy     

The best treatment for the first stage of breast cancer is surgery. The purpose of surgery is to kill as many cancer cells as possible from the breast. Cancer will then be sent to a pathologist. The pathologist will put together a report of the findings. There are a couple of major types of surgery for breast cancer. These are Mastectomy and breast-conserving surgery. Mastectomy is where the breast or breasts will be completely removed. Breast-conserving surgery will remove a small amount of breast that has cancer in it.  

Chemotherapy is the most used treatment once breast cancer surgery has taken place. The purpose of chemotherapy is to try and completely remove any cancer cells that may be lingering in the body. If this is being used after surgery, this is known as neoadjuvant therapy.      

breast cancer treatment

Neoadjuvant therapy is similar to chemotherapy. Patients are asked to take the same drugs used in chemotherapy. The purpose of Neoadjuvant therapy is to try to make the breast tumor as small as possible. It is also designed to completely remove other cancer cells in other locations in the body.      Radiotherapy is also known as radiation therapy. This uses X-ray’s which are designed to completely remove cancer cells in the breast and nearby areas following surgery.     

Targeted therapy uses certain drugs that are designed to aim at certain enzymes or proteins that may be sitting in the cancer cell areas. The most common drug is called Herceptin and will treat HER2-positive breast cancer. There is a range of other targeted therapies that may better suit your situation. Tykerb, Kadcyla, and Perjeta are just some of these therapies.     

Hormone therapy is used as an oral medication. Most patients will take this every day for up to five years following other treatment options.     

Before deciding what treatment option might be best for you, always find out as much information as you can about these options. Discuss these options with your doctors and always ask them questions. Don’t forget to ask about the side effects of these treatments.

Information About Body Sculpting

Information About Body Sculpting

Do you want to take your body to a new level? If so, you are in the right place at the right time because we will give you what you want. There are many methods you can opt to choose to achieve your ideal body. You can choose to have a proper diet and exercise or undergo body contouring surgery. Body sculpting might be what you need when diet or exercise are not working to give you what you need.   

We are going to talk a little about what this has in store for you so you can get what you need as soon as possible. Therefore, read on so you can find out more about it.         

Body sculpting is all about removing unwanted fat from your body. The procedure is undertaken by men and women – mostly women – when diet and exercises are not doing what they are supposed to do. It is truly popular because it can give people the results they are looking for when it comes to getting rid of fat in the tummy, and other parts of the body.  


body sculpting


This procedure uses a CoolSculpting device to suction fat from your body right away, and it is truly good at it down the road.


The area to be treated will be numbed with either injected or topical numbing medicine too. Liposuction. This is a famous fat-extracting procedure that will give you what you want down the line. Getting rid of excess fat has never been easier, and you will love what you will get too.     

Remember that this procedure is truly here to stay for a long time because it can give you what you want. Try out sculpting your body today because this might be the solution to your beauty issues. You can take advantage of a wide array of treatments down the road too. From coolsculpting to liposuction, you have a lot of options at your disposal these days.

Tips on how to relieve neck pain

Tips on how to relieve neck pain

Most people experience neck pains at some point in their lives. Some of these necks pains occur in different forms. You may experience a sharp burning pain or a dull consistent ache. It’s important to note that the kind of injury in the neck muscles determines the type of pain that you are experiencing is a neck pain due to different reasons. Lucky enough is that most of these injuries that cause neck pains can be dealt with without necessarily having to go and see a doctor.

Discussed below are some of the effective ways that can be used on how to relieve neck pains. 


Since the main causes of a painful stiff neck is swelling and inflammation one can take anti-inflammatory prescription drugs which aid in easing the pain.    


Massage is very effective in relieving neck pains as it will relieve inflammation, muscle tension, and pain. Massage will also improve flexibility and relieve neuromuscular problems.       


Rest is usually the best option to take when the neck pains are extreme and when the neck muscles damage is pretty serious. Here you have to take a break from work for a couple of days. Most of this rest time should be spent while leaning back against a pillow and also lying down so as to keep too much pressure off the neck. This should not be overdone as it can also cause muscle stiffness.    


how to relieve neck pain

Stretching and strengthening exercise for the neck is very important if you spend the better part of your day at the computer or in an office desk. The most common exercises for keeping neck pains at bay are the shrug, and the head tilts. These two are easy to perform, and they are also very effective. The shrugs main purpose is to strengthen the muscle around the neck, while tilts give a full range of motion mostly in cases where neck rotation is the main point of interest.

Neck cancer

Neck cancer

Neck cancer represents a number of cancers that usually affect the larynx, throat, and sinuses. This type of cancer affects the crucial functions of the body that involves speaking and swallowing. You can book your appointment to us if you notice some signs that indicate a risk to your health.

Risk factors 

People who take alcohol, and particularly hard liquor or beer, those who use cigars, cigarettes, smokeless tobacco or pipes are prone to neck cancer and may also develop other complications in their body. Note that, risks also increases with the age of an individual. It mostly affects those people who are over 45 years.  

Reports and studies have also claimed that some strains of the HPV (human papillomavirus) which causes both genital and cervical cancers are risk factors of neck cancer in both women and men.   

Signs and symptoms 

The signs and symptoms include a persistent sore throat, trouble in swallowing, cough, ear pain, and a change in voice. Not to mention, a lump in either the throat or neck. It is always important to seek medical advice when you notice these signs and symptoms.  


It is always encouraged for all the adults to be screened regularly as part of the way of diagnosing neck cancer. These may involve inspection of soft tissues of the neck by machines under the watch of a professional doctor. If cancer is suspected in any way, your physician should order a PET scan to help in a further investigation. Also, he/she may conduct a biopsy in order to test cells for neck cancer. This may involve laryngoscopy or endoscopy.  

How it is treated

neck cancer

This one majorly relies on both the stage and location of the neck cancer. However, most patients have obtained a combination of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. It is always important to go for treatment that will not have a negative impact on your life.  

Possible side effects of neck cancer treatment

If not properly handled by a professional, neck cancer treatment may involve the following risks.  

  • Speaking, swallowing and eating difficulties  
  • Destroy your physical appearance

It is always important to seek advice from your doctor whenever you notice complications on your neck.

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