Abdominoplasty before and after
Discover what to do and expect from abdominoplasty before and after, from the preparation before the tummy tuck surgery until the after care.

Abdominoplasty also is known as a “tummy tuck” is the clinical process that is aimed at correcting either an abdomen with excess fat or a protruding abdomen which makes the skin to be stretched more than it’s supposed to be. Stress and weight gain from pregnancy in women and obesity with sudden or active weight loss can cause the overstretching of the skin, making tummy tuck an ideal plastic surgery to bring back your body contour. Here is what you should consider with abdominoplasty before and after if you are to go through the surgery.

Abdominoplasty before and after: Before the procedure

Consider your general health status

Before taking the initiative of performing an abdominoplasty, make sure that you consult a doctor on your health status so that you can be informed on what is best for you. It’s recommended that with a good physical condition with an excess of the loose abdomen, loose skin or excessive fat that can’t respond to dieting or physical activity you are an eligible candidate.

Know the types of abdominoplasty

You can choose a mini or a complete procedure type of abdominoplasty.

Abdominoplasty before and after surgeryMini-abdominoplasty
This is horizontal incision whereby the loose muscles and skin are tightened to the navel and excess of it is removed. The remaining skin is then put back in place. Mini-abdominoplasty does not include the removal of the navel and the lower abdomen.

Full tummy or complete tuck abdominoplasty
Complete tuck abdominoplasty involves two incisions. One, across the lower abdomen just above the pubic area and another incision around the belly button. Complete abdominoplasty provides you with a firmer abdominal wall and a waistline because the skin flap is further stretched down and then it’s stitched in place.


Abdominoplasty before and after: After the procedure

Your expectations after the tummy tuck surgery should depend on the type of abdominoplasty that you have chosen. Recovery can vary from one patient to another. In the first few days, you will feel like your stomach is swollen which is pretty natural after every surgery. However, with a rapid recovery plan, your discomfort can be controlled through medication.

Scars developed during the process will disappear with time although it may not disappear completely, those in the abdomen aren’t noticeable because they easily fade away during the healing process.

Research has shown that patients with a good physical condition return to their normal within a range of 3-4 days after abdominoplasty. It’s important for you to ensure that liposuction of the tummy is done correctly to avoid “corrections” because too much removal of excess skin is not also good. Be sure to arrange a descent consultation before taking any step.