The advanced medullary thyroid cancer is very dangerous. Thyroid function is usually not affected in most thyroid cancers. Therefore, the patients who have advanced medullary thyroid cancer most of the time they don’t know its symptoms. It’s difficult to predict how fast metastatic medullary thyroid cancer will progress. Though it isn’t curable once it has metastasized, palliative treatments such as targeted chemotherapy and radiation can slow the cancer’s growth and improve quality of life.

Of course, everyone’s cancer and situation is unique. It’s important to work with your doctor to understand and assess your circumstances, and your resulting needs and outlook. You can visit to know more about oral cancer awareness to keep you protected.

If indeed you are looking for indications and advanced medullary thyroid cancer symptoms, below are a few to look out for.

A nodule or lump in the throat, usually painless. However, sometimes it is accompanied by pain. Hoarseness or difficulty in swollen as the thyroid affects the adjacent tissues in the throat. Swollen lymph nodes in the neck.

If however, you are saying to yourself, “None of those symptoms apply to me” Then maybe as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, we could perhaps be dealing with an underactive thyroid commonly known as hypothyroidism.

Do any of the following symptoms apply to you?

• Constipation
• Increased sensitivity to cold

• Muscle weakness
• Unexplained weight gain
• Depression
• Thinning hair
• Impaired memory
• Puffy face

If the question is yes, then you are in a fortunate position as hypothyroidism can be cured by natural means. More often than not a doctor will recommend a surgical procedure to rectify an underactive thyroid, but these measures are drastic and risky.

There are many thyroid stimulating foods and nutrients which can be used to alleviate hyperthyroidism. So do not have surgery to rectify your thyroid before exploring natural alternative, thyroid healing processes.

One of the nutrients is drinking of coffee, Yes, you read correctly – coffee. You might be thinking surely that cannot be true. Coffee has been labeled all the bad names in the book. Some doctors go as far as calling it a highly toxic narcotic.

In conclusion, coffee is a critical nutrient in healthy thyroid function and protects you from thyroid disease. Though it is not the only thyroid friendly nutrient which our bodies require. The list of beneficial nutrients for your thyroid is far too long to discuss here.

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