People ask “Can nasal polyps cause headache?” But many people are more curious and ask can nasal polyps be cancerous and the answer is No. How about we see what nasal polyps are. Nasal polyps are non-cancerous growths that occur as the nasal passage tissue that ends up irritated and inflamed. When nasal polyps end up irritated, they may enlarge to the point that they block the nasal passage and cause breathing difficulties.  

 A nasal polyp may these symptoms: headaches, snoring, stuffy nose, a runny nose, pressure along the sinus cavity, and itchy eyes. Symptoms are like that of an allergy infection or common cold. 

A chronic condition of nasal polyps is considered if the development has endured over twelve weeks. Polyps are found close to the start of the sinuses and further develop inside the mucous layers of the nose. They grow completely in inflamed sinuses.  

What is the treatment?

The factors that have caused the nasal polyp development or the triggers are checked by the doctor be it an allergy or different factors. A skin test is utilized to decide the factors, just like a nasal endoscopy procedure. The doctor will evaluate and decide if polyps have formed.  

A few medications to treat polyps include the utilization of cortico steroid nasal spray or an oral method.  

If the nasal polyps are increasingly serious, at that point medical procedure might be suggested. The problem is that polyps tends to return, even after surgically removal. Careful removal happens with a suction cup and removal of soft tissue. The surgeon may treat other looming nasal issues that will help prevent future polyp development. The medical procedure may likewise improve overall breathing capabilities.  

Can Nasal Polyps Be Cancerous

How to prevent?

Utilizing a nasal rinse as a method of preventing polyps has demonstrated effectiveness. Saline that is rinsed two times per day will get out sinuses and prevent future mucous from working up. Another method of prevention is using a humidifier.  

There are a variety of reasons that nasal polyps may develop, however, they all are a direct result of infected or inflamed sinuses. Common causes are hereditary disposition, asthma, unfavorably allergy reactions, age, or sleep apnea.

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