Xrays use radiation to produce images of your body. Xray can be done on most parts of the body to expose anything that may be going on inside that shouldn’t be. Neck Xrays allow a detailed look into the cervical vertebrae. There are many reasons a neck x-ray might be needed by a patient. If you have recently had a neck x-ray done, show your Xrays to an experienced surgeon so they can explain to you what the results are and how to move forward with treatment.

What is a neck x-ray?

Neck xrays would use radio energy to pass through your body and produce an image on a piece of film of your cervical vertebrae. The parts that would be seen in this type of xray would be the seven bones that protect the top part of the spinal cord. Other body parts that would be included in this type of xray would be the vocal cords, tonsils, adenoids, and the windpipe.

Reasons to perform a neck x-ray

The neck is a very fragile part of a person’s body, and it would be very vulnerable to injury. A doctor may request you to get a neck ray if you have persistent neck pains, a neck injury or numbness, pain and weakness in your arms.

Neck injuries may be caused by accidents, sports or anything that would force your beck t bend outside of its usual range of motion. Also, the sudden jerking of the head, more commonly known as whiplash would cause injuries and strain to the neck.

Are there any risks to having a neck x-ray?

There is very little risk of having a neck x-ray. Very minimal radiation is required for a neck x-ray. However, children would need the protective lead suit to protect their reproductive organs from the radiation, also pregnant women would need to wear this protective gear to protect themselves and their unborn baby from radiation as well. Otherwise, neck Xrays would be very safe.

Interpreting the results

You will not have to interpret the results on your own. It is customary for the lab to send the neck x-ray results to your doctor. It will then be the doctor’s job to examine the results, make a decision about which medical treatment would be right for you, and discuss the results and all the options with you. Should you have any questions about any part of the procedure or its risks, you can ask your doctor to explain them further.

If you are having qualms about getting a neck x-ray, do not worry. It is a painless procedure that will most likely have no side effects. IF you are pregnant or have a small child that is going to need the procedure, ask your doctor and they will discuss with you all the risks before the procedure is done. They can be able to tell you what you will expect when you have the neck x-ray done. However, generally there is nothing to fear about a neck x-ray, and the process is really quick.

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