Have you ever wondered if heart cancer exist? Also known as the primary cardiac tumor, heart cancer is a rare phenomenon among patients. Most cancer diagnosed in the heart, ought to have originated from elsewhere in the body. For example, lung cancer can spread to the heart since the organs are near each other. Also, cancer from other parts of the body can spread to the heart via the bloodstream. Perhaps, cancers capable of spreading and affecting the heart are; breast, kidney, lung, leukemia, and melanoma. If you are curious about this type of cancer or another disease, Visit HomeDoctorsAdelaide.com.au Contact US to learn more.

1. How heart cancer occurs       

Cancer has a mild effect on the heart. A carcinoma tumor is a rare type of cancer which produces hormones capable of destroying heart valves. Treatment of cancer is dangerous because of the damage it can cause to the heart. Treatments such as chemotherapy drugs, radiation therapy, and therapy drugs targeted near the heart are always linked to heart problems. These problems are usually detected during treatment.     

While it has been difficult to identify the cause of heart cancer, conditions such as; hypertension, coronary diseases, obesity, and cardiac dysfunction are the known conditions that lead to heart cancer. A tumor always grows faster before it has been tested. Therefore, it can cause extreme damage even before it has been tested.

heart cancer

2. Symptoms of heart cancer and how they can be diagnosed      

The symptoms only appear when the tumor grows, because the early stages of heart cancer do not have symptoms. These symptoms occur suddenly and rapidly. They are similar to diseases related to the heart. Here are some of the symptoms of heart cancer:

  • Fatigue
  • Reduction in how urine is produced
  • Heart rate increase
  • Breathing difficulties      

When a patient has cancer in other parts of the body, accompanied with abnormal heart symptoms, the following tests can be conducted heart cancer is suspected: Cardiac Catheterization is performed to identify the type of tumor. Suppose tumors are suspected, coronary Angiography is performed. Blood test and Echocardiogram are also conducted.

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