Nasal polyps are brown or yellowish swellings that form at the internal lining of the nose. They are noncancerous and painless but so harmful as they block paranasal sinuses causing infections and breathing problems. You might want to know what other symptoms of nasal polyps are. You might be curious and ask, “Can nasal polyps cause headache?” Read this article to find out more.

Research has found out that children, especially those suffering from cystic fibrosis, are more prone to polyps. However, it affects adults as well. It can, therefore, affect anyone regardless of age.    

There are two types of nasal polyps. The antrochoanal polyps that form at the maxillary sinuses, and the ethmoidal polyps that form at the ethmoidal sinuses.    

Nasal polyps natural treatment

1: Hot water stream

Inhalation of the hot water stream is an effective remedy to nasal polyps. Steam opens up the passage around the nasal cavities and dries up the blocked mucus. This facilitates quick healing of the polyps.    

2: Salt and water solution  

This solution is an effective therapy to nasal polyps as it reduces swelling. The solution also speeds up the coordination of Cilia causing the removal of all allergens in the cavities.    

3: Fatty acids 

nasal polyps natural treatment

They are essential fats found in fish, nuts or chia seeds. They are anti-inflammatory agents which when consumed they effectively cure swellings.    

4: Garlic     

Garlic is an antioxidant as well as an antiseptic substance. It reduces swelling and fights bacterial infections.    

5: Apple vinegar    

Apple vinegar is a strong antiseptic agent. It is an effective remedy to nasal polyps as it breaks down the mucus accumulated in the nasal cavities and fight infections.    

It is believed that men are more prone to nasal polyps than women. This is a fact, and a myth as well since further studies have shown that polyps can affect anyone regardless of age or gender. Polyps have no specific symptoms and so not easy for a patient to recognize it. However, they have general symptoms like blocked running nose, difficulties in breathing, itchy eyes, severe headache and facial pains among others. Upon these symptoms, visit a specialist to avoid further complication.

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