You can expect to feel some level of pain in some parts of your body after having a dental procedure done. This article will focus on neck pain after dental work. Our other articles would also discuss why medical professionals use an autoclave.

What causes neck pain after dental work?

Some patients complain about having neck pain after going to the dentist. Is the pain in the neck related to the dental work that was performed? Or is it an isolated case? Many patients would experience pain around the face and neck after having dental work done. This pain would mostly be normal and should go away on its own after a few days.

In extreme cases, there would be pain in the neck after dental work because of a tooth abscess. The pain in your neck would be because of the swollen lymph nodes in your neck. The abscess would be the result of a bacterial infection on the tooth that may have been caused by the dental procedure.

Normal pain after dental work

Jaw muscle fatigue. This would be the result of having to keep your mouth open for the duration of the procedure. This pain would be because the muscles in the face and neck are not used to staying in that position for an extended period. This pain should go away within a few hours to a few days after the surgery.

Referred myofascial pain. This type of pain would be caused by nerves that are inflamed as a result of the dental procedure. It can often feel like an earache.

The pain would be associated with teeth, but you would feel pain in areas outside of the mouth, such as the eyes, cheeks, and neck.

Dry socket pain. After tooth extraction, you may feel dry socket pain. This pain may sometimes radiate up to the ears and the neck, but it should subside over time.

How to prevent pain after dental work in the future

neck pain after dental work

Go on an anti-inflammatory diet. There would be some types of food that would inhibit inflammation. Before the dental procedure, avoid any food that may cause any allergies and concentrate on plant-based food and high anti-oxidant foods.

Turmeric. This is one of nature’s most potent pain relievers. It has properties that can help with inflammation and pain relief. You can try turmeric products before and after the dental procedure.

Over-the-counter-medicines. Your dentist would most likely prescribe pain-killers and anti-inflammatory medicines to help you deal with pain during your recovery. Take these medicines and follow your dentist’s instructions so that the risk of pain can be reduced.

When to see a dentist

You should see a dentist if you experience extreme pain that does not go away a few days after the procedure. Having pain may be a sign of infection. There is a chance that something happened during the surgery that would have caused the infection. It would be a good idea to visit your dentist. 

Do not take the pain lightly. As mentioned above, it may be a sign that an abscess in the tooth may have developed. Never take neck pain after dental work lightly, especially if it can interfere with your daily activities. Visit your dentist and seek immediate treatment before the condition worsens.

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