Lymphoma is a type of cancer that starts in the lymphatic system of the body responsible for our immunity against diseases. Lymph nodes are the cells that fight against infections. In this condition, the lymphocytes grow drastically without control. Oral lymphoma affects the lymph nodes that are located near the oral cavity. To know more about oral lymphoma and other serious disease of the teeth, gums and the whole oral cavity, you may check out Toothsome’s website anytime.

The initial symptoms of oral lymphoma

  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Ulcer
  • Sweating
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Enlarged Lymph Nodes
  • Tooth mobility and pain


Types of Lymphoma

1. Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (HL)
2. Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL)
The presence of Reed-Sternberg cell differentiates Hodgkin’s Lymphoma from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Primary sites of HL are nasopharynx, the base of the tongue, posterior pharyngeal wall and tonsil. Primary sites of NHL include lymph nodes, lymphoid organs, extragonadal organs, and tissues. The prognosis and the treatment procedure is determined by the type of Lymphoma.

Diagnostic procedures used to confirm oral lymphoma

1. Biopsy
2. CT and PET scans
3. Blood tests

Treatment for Lymphoma

oral lymphoma treatment1. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is a process of destroying cancer cells with the help of drugs. The drug is monitored into the bloodstream, to the site of cancer cells and destroys the ability of the cancer cells to grow.
It is the main treatment for NHL.

2. Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy is destroying the cancer cells with the help of high energy beam X-rays, protons or electrons. Usually, in NHL, the radiation is provided by the machine from outside the body.

3. Stem Cell Transplantation
The highly specialized cells from bone marrow or bloodstream, called hematopoietic cells are used for treatment. For HL patients, chemotherapy, in combination with stem cell transplantation is used as a treatment plan in severe conditions.

4. Immunotherapy
In immunotherapy, the effector cells or molecules from the body or made in the laboratory are used to boost the immune system of the body.
The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the condition.
The treatment method is determined by the doctor after a series of clinical tests.
Once diagnosed with oral lymphoma, regular doctor consultations and proper treatment should be followed.

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