Surgery is a medical term that implies manual treatment of diseases and/or injuries through cutting injured and affected body part or incision using instruments and times using therapy machine. Surgery can be classified according to its purpose. A person can opt to undergo Plastic surgery for an aesthetic reason while others undergo surgery as treatment from their disease.

Surgery for cancer treatment aims at killing and clearing tumors. Tumors are cancerous cells which are known for uncontrolled multiplication. Tumors can be benign or malignant with the latter being more dangerous

Reconstructive surgery as part of cancer treatment is done to replenish and reestablish usual appearance and functioning of the then affected part and organ of the body. It’s mainly done to protect vital structures by covering them after the operation to minimize the visibility of the left behind wound or scar. It involves bringing back the wound to normal and improving on the healing time.

Reconstructive surgery for head and neck cancer treatment has become part of cancer treatment. The process is done by transfer of tissues to the cut part that might have been left open during the operation when trying to reach the tumor. The quantity and massive of the tissue transferred depends on the size of the tumor that was being aimed and thus the variations.

reconstructive surgery

Small tumors mostly require small openings in order to reach the tumor and large ones requiring relatively larger openings. In order to protect the mouth and neck after a surgery involving the body parts, a flap is transferred to the cut region using a free radial artery flap. There are many different flaps and tissues that can be used depending on the affected area.

Protecting vital structures involves creating a distinction between sensitive organs and those that are not very sensitive such as the brains and nose respectively. Sometimes the operation may affect the normal body function such as breathing, chewing and swallowing and thus require this post-surgery process. The process is also useful in bringing back one’s appearance and normal interaction with family and friends without fear of looking deformed after a surgery that affects the face.

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