More than 13 million people visit the doctor’s office with throat pain each year. This pain ranges from mild to excruciating and is usually due to a sore throat. A sore throat is mostly caused by environmental factors such as air dryness or infections which can be viral or bacterial. 

A sore throat is commonly characterized by dryness of the throat, scratchy feeling, and pain. In most cases, a sore throat clears away by itself or with a home remedy. However, in cases of infections like ones caused by streptococcus bacteria, you might want to know how to prevent swelling and bleeding which causes pain and inflammation.    

Whenever you have an infection, your immune system responds to fight off the infection. Sore throat swollen lymph nodes result from a build of the white blood cells in the lymph node.     

The lymph nodes have lymphocyte cells which are the white blood cells responsible for defending your body. In case of an infection, your body produces a lot of white blood cells. They are sent to the lymph node near an infection and thus the swelling. Once done with their mission, the lymph nodes then shrink back to their normal size.     

While a sore throat is mostly as a result of allergies such as hay fever, flu virus and cold, it can be a symptom of a more serious disease or condition. Rarely, swollen lymph nodes may indicate a more severe condition such as HIV and cancer.    

Seek immediate medical help if the swollen lymph nodes are accompanied by other symptoms such as:     

sore throat swollen lymph nodes
  • Night Sweats  
  • Fatigue  
  • Difficulty breathing  
  • Sudden weight loss  
  • If your lymph nodes are hard on touch and do not move
  • Rapidly growing lymph nodes 
  • A fever that lasts long
  • Reddening and inflammation of the skin over the swollen lymph node
  • If the swelling of the lymph node persists for more than two weeks
  • The lymph nodes swell on the lower neck or close to your collar bone

Although a sore throat can sometimes clear by its own, it’s imperative to seek medical attention especially when it’s accompanied by swollen lymph nodes.

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