head and neck cancer

immunotherapy for head and neck cancer
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Immunotherapy for head and neck cancer: A brief overview


Cancers of the head and neck are oftentimes more curable and receptive to treatments compared to other types of cancer in different parts of the body. However, the efficiency of treatment may still rely on how early cancer has been detected. Each cancer treatment has a primary goal of killing the cancer cells, but they also may affect the healthy cells and organs nearest to their targets, so doctors are carefully considering the treatments they would give to their patients. One of the treatments used by well-known oncologists is immunotherapy for head and neck cancer. Let us discuss the different head and neck cancers, treatment options used to fight these cancers, what immunotherapy is, and the pros and cons of immunotherapy for head and neck cancer. read more

Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer Survival Rate As Of Today 2019
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Metastatic Squamous Neck Cancer Survival Rate As Of Today (2019)


Most cancer cells that develop are mostly caused by carcinogenic elements that are from tobacco intake, burned food, or dirty smoke emitted in pollution. As of today, there are positive signs for metastatic squamous neck cancer survival rates. If you are in need of a diagnosis, a skin clinic near Double Bay says that there are hospitals or clinics that give service for skin examinations. read more

gum disease and cancer
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The link between gum disease and cancer


Taking care of your teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene, routine visits to your dentist and reading useful information on dental health at DrHornsbyDental and other dental websites may not only be saving your smile but also your dear life. Recent studies have shown that there is a possibility that a common form of gum disease may also lead to head and neck cancer. It was discovered that people with advanced gum disease(periodontitis) are often diagnosed with head and neck disease. This is because when you have periodontitis, there is a progressive loss of bones and the soft tissue surrounding the teeth and this was associated with a more than three times higher risk of cancer of the head and neck. read more

head and neck cancer staging
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The Stages of Head and Neck cancer


A group of cancers that can affect any area of the body higher than your shoulders has it’s very own, and complex way of staging. Head and neck cancer staging consist out of three factors. The exact location of the cancer is assessed at first, followed by how extensive it is. The third and final step is to determine just how much it has spread. Do not wait for the final stage to arrive before getting yourself checked. Email or phone a specialist as soon as possible to book an appointment. read more

signs of head and neck cancer
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Signs of Head and Neck Cancer


Head and neck cancer normally affect areas such as the ear, throat, nose, sinuses, voice box or even the mouth. Sometimes, your doctor may recommend a specific surgical treatment depending on the type and stage of your head and neck cancer. Medical tools to be used are sterilized using a machine like the one’s at https://www.criticaldental.com.au to prevent infection from spreading to other areas of the body. read more

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