It is believed that this very rare disease, throat cancer or laryngeal cancer, was caused by asbestos. However, the current medical literature suggests that exposure to asbestos is a potential risk factor, but there is no substantial data to support that asbestos cause throat cancer. However, that does not change the fact that certain data may show the possibility in the future that asbestos could actually lead to throat cancer.

Exposure to asbestos can also cause ovarian cancer to women. There are many treatments that are used to treat these diseases. The most widely used treatment is chemotherapy. If a woman chooses to have chemotherapy, a concern is then raised about the effects of chemotherapy after IVF.

There are a number of diseases related to laryngeal cancer staging that can develop when a person is exposed to sufficiently high asbestos fibers. This is because exposure to asbestos works according to the principle of dose-response, where only a certain amount must be met before health reaches the point of danger. Otherwise, the person will be safe at least for a while. But continued exposure even to low asbestos fibers could still trigger diseases.laryngeal cancer staging

Anyone who is in close contact with asbestos can inhale asbestos fibers. But those who are more exposed will probably develop diseases more quickly. However, exposure alone is not enough reason for a person to get sick. As already mentioned, one must be exposed to a relatively high proportion of asbestos fibers before their body begins to react.
Cancer of the larynx begins with infection of the larynx. This is the passage of air and food by breathing and swallowing. Those who come in contact with air filled with asbestos risk taking asbestos fibers that can lodge in the larynx and the subsequent passage of air or food. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove the asbestos fiber from the victim’s body once it has entered.

However, each year about 10,000 people suffer from throat cancer and almost half of them die of cancer. Since throat cancer and asbestos are considered occupational diseases, it is likely that men develop more than women, since almost all occupations that use asbestos are dominated by men.

The average age of people diagnosed with laryngeal cancer is between 50 and 70 years. This further establishes the relationship between asbestos and throat cancer, since both require almost the same latency. Latency is the time to complete the maturation of the disease. It has also been found that asbestos may also increase the risk of developing lung cancer in addition to the dominant negative effects of smoking.

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