Month: January 2020

mole removal aftercare
#Cancer Awareness

Mole Removal Aftercare: What Can You Expect?


Do you have moles on your face or other parts of your body? Do you notice them getting bigger or more prominent? This may be a sign of skin cancer. If your doctor suspects skin cancer, he might suggest safe mole removal and skin biopsy for confirmation of the diagnosis. Whether your diagnosis is positive or negative for skin cancer, it is important to learn about tips for mole removal aftercare. read more

neck pain cancer
#Head and Neck Cancer

Neck Pain And Cancer: Are They Always Connected?


There are so many reasons why you may experience neck pain. Some may complain about it when they strained their muscles from performing exercise activities, poor posture, sudden movements. Some associate it with infections of the throat or mouth since there are swollen lymph nodes located at the neck. But there can also be a time that when a patient complains of neck pain, cancer is the cause. How can one differentiate simple neck pain due to muscular issues from neck pain cancer causes? read more

Is It Risky To Have IV Sedation Pediatric Dentistry Treatment For Kids
#Dental health

Is It Risky To Have IV Sedation Pediatric Dentistry Treatment For Kids?


Advancements in dentistry such as sedation were able to prove itself in its many benefits. Dentists back then can’t even give the best quality treatment due to risky operations such as surgeries. Many became aware of the helpful benefits of dental treatments and care with sedation. However, infection and complications are still inevitable until today though. Parents will definitely feel very protective of their children knowing that sedation is also an option to numb the pain in kids. So, how does IV sedation Pediatric dentistry treatment even give assurance for parents? Some dentists might recommend IV sedation dentistry depending if it’s a major procedure. read more