stage 3 oral cancer

Oral cancer has developed into one of the most silent and horrifying disease that often proves to be lethal. One should have proper knowledge about the disease so that it can be diagnosed at an early stage. The treatment varies for different stages so if you want to know what they are you can check with CP Dental for more information.

There are several factors that can determine the stage of cancer like the size of the tumors, spread of the cancer to other body parts or its effects on lymph nodes. Stage 3 oral cancer is a severe condition when the oral tumor is larger than 4cm or when the tumor is of any size. The cancer cells are present in one lymph node located on same side of the head or neck as the primary tumor and its size is often less than 3cm across. It’s better if it is diagnosed early as it can be treated with less complication. However if one feels any such problems then definitely he should go for a medical help. This disease is one of the life threatening diseases which had spread throughout the globe. The number of patients has been growing for last few years. This has been mainly due to bad lifestyle habits. stage 3 oral cancer

Some of the deadly habits like smoking, drinking are the major causes behind the rise of the disease. Consumption of tobacco in any form can make the condition even worse. Therefore one must take care of lifestyle habits and must not indulge into habits that could prove to be fatal in future. Proper healthy diet and regular workouts can boost your immune system and help fight against several diseases including oral cancer. Some people despite having good lifestyle can develop the disease because of genetic conditions. For those people it becomes mandatory to seek medical help as soon as they realize that some unusual development in the body is there.

Medical Science has made huge achievements and the disease can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. So, proper knowledge and information should be spread throughout so that the number of patients could be reduced to some extent. Knowledge of the disease can prove to be life saving for many of such patients.