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IFHNOS Auckland is a site dedicated to give you the latest news and updates in Head and Neck Cancer treatment and prevention.

Thousands of people are suffering from this dreaded disease. Even you might have this unknowingly. This disease can be preventable by living a healthy lifestyle.

That includes healthy food choice, proper exercise and a positive mentality.

We can never be too safe. Just a reminder, Cancer is fatal when diagnosed in the later stages. So, a monthly trip to the doctor wouldn’t hurt.

The scientists are doing everything they can to find a cure for this disease. We should also do our part. Educate the ones that doesn’t have the knowledge.

Today, we are still on search with the guaranteed cure for Cancer. We should treat it like the way CDC treats HIV/AIDS. This disease shouldn’t affect the majority of us because we are trying our best to prevent it.

Stay tuned for our informative articles to further enhance your knowledge on this topic.