breast reconstruction surgery cost

Breast reconstruction surgery cost is the concern of every cancer patient or anybody who is considering the procedure in order to look perfect again. This helps in the early preparation and determining whether it can be covered by insurance or savings set aside. Unlike most of the reconstruction procedures that are considered as plastic surgery, breast reconstruction isn’t considered as a plastic surgery though it’s done by plastic surgeons. Breast implants after cancer is common among other patients hence most of the insurance companies offer policies that include reconstruction of the breast.

The nature of breast reconstruction surgery. breast reconstruction surgery cost

The reconstruction process requires a lot of procedures which may not be fully covered by the insurance. Some of the related cost is extended to the patient which requires them to prepare adequately before they can consider breast reconstruction surgery. Patients must engage in proper research before they consider the place for the reconstruction process to avoid financial surprise once breast reconstruction surgery is done.

Determinants of breast reconstruction surgery cost.

The cost of breast reconstruction may vary due to different factors which may directly or indirectly affect the financial position of the patient. Some of the factors that the causes variation in cost for breast reconstruction include:

  • Patient complexity.
  • Location of the patient.
  • Experience of the surgeon.
  • cases of emergency of the surgery.

The patient must undergo all the necessary examinations by a qualified surgeon to determine the best procedure that will match the reconstruction process. The breast reconstruction type is a great determinant of the cost hence the patient must be taken through the available options before they settle on the best way.

Types of breast reconstructions.

There are three main options for patients who are considering breast reconstruction. One reconstruction option should be carried out at a specific time to avoid any complication that may be related to the procedure. The main types of breast reconstruction surgery may have different costs attached to them and they include:

  • Implant-based.
  • Autologous tissue.
  • A combination of implant