dip tooth loss

Even though healthy teeth can result in good smiles and better well-being, there are some related effects that can cause more risks to the tooth. Tooth loss is one of the painful moments that you can easily experience when you don’t give them the right dental care in place. When you experience dip tooth loss either as a result of tooth infection or decay, you should consider working with professionals for early corrective measures. Dental implants are one of the best corrective measures for tooth loss.

Dip tooth loss is majorly caused by habits such as chewing and smoking tobacco without putting proper and right dental hygiene in place.When you get involved in any of the tobacco use, you are doing a lot of injustice to your teeth and you are likely to add pain. The damage can be so severe and may result in total teeth loss or may lead to teeth decay. Chemicals that are obtained from such habits can extend to affect the tongue, gums and the throat which then puts you on high risks for cancer.

The dip is highly associated with cancer risks either in the mouth and the throat. The wrong perception that has deceived many people about smokeless tobacco has caused them more harm than good. Some of the effects that result from the dip that will affect the safety of your teeth include;
Gum infection
•Tooth decay dip tooth loss
•Mouth sores
•Gum recession
Mouth cancer

Ways to control the risk of cancer

Timely dental procedures are some of the ways to help achieve better dental health and avoid any possibility of cancer in the mouth. The condition can be perfectly managed when you totally avoid the use of tobacco products. When your gums are affected, your teeth will weaken and become unable to support the normal roles which may result in tooth loss. The fluid that comes from tobacco when consumed in high quantity can result in pancreatic cancer. Don’t imagine you are safe from the effects of tobacco and its advisable to have frequent cancer screening to avoid extreme cases.