purple pillow insights

Whether you fell in love with the brand’s mattresses or want to check out what’s in store for you, the Purple company offers world-class pillows for maximum sleep comfort. Choosing the right pillow is a crucial aspect not only in terms of comfortability. It also plays a significant role in maintaining your body’s structure. According to sleep experts, pillows support your posture during your sleep. It helps alleviate neck strain and discomfort, providing you a good night’s rest. In this Purple pillow review, we’ll discuss our impressions of the three different types available. Continue reading to learn more.



Are you looking for a traditional pillow? Or maybe you’re more into pillows that use Hyper-Elastic Polymers. In that case, Purple offers a wide selection of pillow alternatives that you can choose from. There are three types of Purple pillows available: the original Purple pillow, Purple harmony, and the latest Purple plush pillow. If you’re wondering why you should invest in these types of pillows, keep on reading to find out.



Purple Pillow Design and Components

Before we get into the details of the Purple pillow’s structure, it’s important to note that it weighs a staggering ten pounds. Perhaps, this is the heaviest pillow we’ve ever tested. To be honest, it’s way too hefty.

However, the cushion consists of a unique gel-like substance known as Hyper-Elastic Polymer. You can find this on all Purple mattresses, which is one reason why so many consumers choose Purple goods. Some of you might ask, what is a Hyper-Elastic Polymer?


Hyper-Elastic Polymer

Below is a list of the benefits of Hyper-Elastic Polymer:

  • It is flexible and allows you to shift body positions in a breeze.
  • The component makes the pillow maintain its shape and height.
  • Thanks to this material, the purple pillow does not require fluffing as it stays in its form for a long time.
  • It has a flexible and slinky feel, preventing the cushion from slipping around.
  • The pillow provides back and neck support, which relieves pressure and discomfort.



The Purple pillow is single-sided, which means you cannot flip it. Its grid structure is often helpful in promoting ventilation, something that other pillows rarely have. You can locate the zippers at the back of the pillow, which allows you to unzip its cushion to enable washing of its cover.



Another attention-worthy feature of the cushion is the powder that covers the Hyper-Elastic Polymer substance. Purple claims that this powder is entirely safe and non-toxic.

However, while we don’t want to make a fuss out of it, the powder creates a mess, especially when removing the cover. We’re not worried about this from a medical standpoint because it appears to be completely harmless. Nonetheless, having to wipe up the powder and dust can be a bit time-consuming. So just a piece of friendly advice, be sure to move the pillow outside first if you want to wash its cover.



The pillow’s cover comprises eighty-eight percent Polyester, nine percent Spandex Mesh, and three percent Nylon. It is soft to the feel, but it does have a recreational league of basketball jerseys.


purple pillow review feelingPillow Loft

The pillow consists of a loft, which measures around three and twenty-five inches when uncompressed. This loft descends to about two and seventy-five inches when you lay your head onto it.


The Purple Pillow Feel

Many of you might be wondering, how does lying on a Purple pillow feel like? Well, for us, it seems like you’re lying on a smooth, gel-like, or stretchy surface. Generally, it’s comfy and well-designed, but it might not be suitable for everyone. If you prefer a more conventional type of cushioning, such as the Helix Pillow, maybe the Purple Pillow might be too soft for you.

On the other hand, if you’re up for the challenge and willing to try out something new, you should give Purple pillow a try. Its unique characteristics include responsive, pressure-relieving, and supportive features. Just bear in mind that it’s not like any other pillows you’ve ever seen.


Compatibility with Sleeping Styles


Back sleepers

In our perspective, the Purple pillow works best in this sleeping position. This type of sleeper can get the best posture boost, proven to be accurate by Purple’s website. Their advertisements prominently feature back sleepers over the majority of their visuals. However, there’s a risk that some heavy sleepers won’t even find the Purple pillow tall enough for back sleeping, even if this is the pillow’s most optimum position.


Side Sleepers

The Purple Pillow is an option for side sleepers, but comfortability might not be a guarantee. Our team believes it will be ideal for side sleepers with petite body frames. Unfortunately, though, for those who have a medium or broad build, you might want to consider investing in one of the boosters to raise the loft.


Stomach Sleepers

We are quite unsure if the original Purple Pillow creators have stomach sleepers in their minds. Unless you have a large body frame, the pillow fails to compress enough to allow comfortable sleep on your stomach. The cushion does not flatten out sufficiently for medium and small-framed individuals, causing strains in the neck area.

Usually, if you’re inclined to sleep on your stomach, we recommend hugging the pillow’s edges. But in this case, you may not have that option. The pillow’s outer borders are strengthened and provide even less compression.


Purple Pillow Cost

The pillow doesn’t come cheap, but it’s also not outrageously expensive. The Purple Pillow comes with a standard retail price of above one hundred dollars, which costs less than other brands. Regardless, it still provides closely comparable capabilities.

Additionally, you can find promo codes, coupons, and discounts too. You can find these on Purple’s official website. Having that said, keeping a lookout for bundles is the ideal way that you could save on Purple Pillow. For instance, if you’re thinking about buying one of their mattresses, they’ll usually throw in a cushion for free. While this isn’t a discount in the traditional sense, it is still a method to save money on the overall purchase.


Purple Pillow Features

features of purple pillowsTemperature control is one of the Purple Pillow’s most exemplary characteristics. It delivers an outstanding job at temperature regulation. Although there are no active cooling mechanisms, the Hyper-Elastic Polymer makes up a grid material, which allows for lots of air circulation. The grid pattern helps air to flow and keeps the cushion from overheating. Although this isn’t technically a cooling cushion, it surely fits the top list of pillows suitable for heat sleepers.


Purple Pillow Alternatives


Purple Plush Pillow

This type of pillow is perfect for sleepers who want a fluffy and down-like cushion. Because of its appearance and feel, people describe the Purple plush pillow to be a little cloud. Its cover material consists of 60 percent lyocell and 40 percent nylon. It’s silky and naturally moisture-wicking, with a slightly relaxed feel. It’s undoubtedly one of those types of pillows that you can flip over on its cool side, especially in the middle of the night.

We believe that virtually everyone will get comfy with this pillow because you can adjust the hardness. However, bear in mind that becoming relaxed and having your spine straight really does have a lot to do with your height and weight.


Purple Harmony Pillow

Purple calls its Harmony pillow the “greatest pillow ever produced,” and it took them about a year and a half to create. While there are many beautiful pillows available on the market, we really cannot deny that the creative design of this cushion wowed us from the moment we unboxed it.

This pillow consists of Talalay latex foam, which is known to be a hypoallergenic material. Purple’s 360° Purple Grid Hex surrounds the latex foam for extra softness and support. This area is where the Purple Harmony Pillow shines. The material comprises the brand’s “Deluxe Hex Grid,” also known as their trademark Hyper-Elastic Polymer material. It is a gel-like substance that provides unparalleled neck and head support. These two materials work together to give a pleasant night’s sleep, which is perhaps how the brand earned its name.


The Final Verdict

There’s a lot to appreciate and criticize about the Purple pillow. We can estimate that half of the population will be enthusiastic about this cushion, while the other half will believe that it is not suitable for them. We are guessing that most stomach sleepers might dislike it; however, petite side sleepers may love it, and back sleepers seeking a supportive yet distinctive sensation may enjoy it the most.

The original Purple pillow has received mainly good feedback, with a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. In most purple pillow review are positive evaluations, which always mentions the pillow’s supporting capabilities and the fact that it keeps users cool all night. Some customers complained that the cushion was substantial, although this might be a matter of personal choice. Many consumers have also stated that they have had a better sleep after using the Purple Pillow.


Which Purple Pillow is Best for You?

purple pillow worthAs you may know, the Purple Pillow brand offers three specific pillows: the traditional Purple Pillow, the Harmony Purple Pillow, and the Purple Plush Pillow. While they’re all meant to be comfortable, they each have unique characteristics that make them suitable for different sorts of sleepers.