Year: 2018

#Cancer Awareness

Immunotherapy: Fighting The Cancers From Inside


Your immune system consists of a variety of cells that fight pathogens and other invaders. While the immune system prevents bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other problems typically, these cells sometimes are not enough to overcome serious diseases such as cancer. However, a new treatment called immunotherapy is being developed to fight cancer. To know more about this treatment give your doctor a call.
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mouth infection leading to sore throat and neck pain

Can a rotten tooth cause sore throat and neck pain?


An infection to your tooth can cause many diseases which are dangerous and extremely painful as well. Tooth decay occurs due to poor oral hygiene and bad eating and drinking habits. Everything we eat and drink in a day can affect our oral health and if not treated in time, the same can cause some serious medical health hazards.
There are several reasons why one can have tooth pain and it’s not necessary that it is due to poor oral hygiene as dentists providing emergency dental services in Sydney explain. read more