painkillers aren't working for my toothache
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Painkillers Aren’t Working for My Toothache: What to Do When Medication Fails

Like most people, you reach for ibuprofen or Tylenol when you have a headache or toothache. But what do you do when medication fails? Painkillers aren’t working for my toothache: what now? In this blog post, we will discuss some of the alternatives available to you when painkillers don’t work. We will also provide some tips on finding the right treatment when your teeth hurt. read more

depressed skull fracture
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The Dangers of a Depressed Skull Fracture: What You Need to Know

Did you know that a depressed skull fracture is one of the most serious types of head injuries? This type of fracture can occur when there is a direct impact on the head, such as in a car accident. If you or someone you love has suffered from this injury, it is important to know what to expect and get the best possible treatment. This blog post will discuss the dangers of depressed skull fractures and what you need to do if you experience one. read more

Treating jaw fracture
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Hairline Fracture Jaw: Understanding Broken and Dislocated Jaws

A broken jaw can be painful and affects many fundamental activities such as eating, talking, and breathing. If you experience a hairline fracture jaw, immediate treatment is necessary to prevent further complications. You can also book an appointment at Grange Dental Care's clinic to ensure that your mouth is in good condition while addressing your fracture. Keep reading to understand what can cause a broken or dislocated jaw, the symptoms related to it, and what you can expect for treatment. read more

blunt force trauma to the head
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Blunt Force Trauma To The Head: The 4 Main Effects On Your Health

Well, what others consider as number one may differ from the others. For instance, many can prioritize dental health, understanding how important it is to take care of your oral health if your bread and butter is public speaking. You also feel this way if your job has something to do with using your voice and mouth. Nevertheless, let us find out what traumatic brain injuries are and what problems these can cause in our bodies. read more

The mother carries her child to stop crying.
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Signs Of A Concussion In Babies, Toddlers, and Children

Head and face injuries are prevalent among infants, toddlers, and young children. There are many reasons for this situation, such as climbing on trees, running while holding on to something, and playing contact sports. You can visit this website if your young child needs urgent care for mouth injuries. In any case, severe bruises on the head or any signs of a concussion in babies are sometimes hard to tell. That is why parents or guardians need to know if the bump on their heads is more serious. Keep reading to learn about concussions in babies and children, including their prevention, treatment, and when to call a doctor. read more

Skull indentations in adults may have various underlying causes.
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Skull Indentation In Adults – What Can You Do About It?

Skull indentation in adults has the potential to occur to anybody. If this happens, it requires medical attention. But why would it happen? What can we do about it if we experience this situation? Generally speaking, our skulls differ from one another. The skull is neither perfectly round nor smooth. We all typically have our bumps and ridges in our heads. However, if you suddenly noticed a dent in your head, then you need to see your doctor right away. read more

A glass and plenty of painkillers for toothache.
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What Is The Best Painkiller For Toothache? (Freeing Yourself From Pain)

What is the best painkiller for a toothache? Tooth pain is one of the excruciating conditions a person can experience. Generally speaking, it can affect even the other body parts once the pain is tremendous. For this reason, people often look for painkillers to relieve dental pain. The dentist is the best person to ask for help regarding the best painkiller for toothache. Some may even include home remedies, but we need to see a dentist for permanent options to counter pain. So, let's move forward and see what we can apply for pain relief. read more

The woman is ready for a dental checkup.
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Mouth Cancer From Chewing Tobacco: Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention

Tobacco use is a significant risk factor for oral and several types of cancers. In fact, mouth cancer from chewing tobacco is one of the most treatable of all types of cancer. However, it is also one of the deadliest when it is not identified early. That is why it is essential to take care of your oral health each day. Keep reading to know more about oral cancer, including the different types of tobacco use, the treatment, and more. read more

The doctor is asking the patient about his medical history.
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Head Injury Assessment: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments

Head injury assessment can be done through a physical and neurologic exam along with a head CT or head x-ray. These procedures help evaluate the situation and severity of the injury and determine suitable treatment. When you get hit in the face, and your mouth is severely affected, you can go to SDG's clinic near Glenwood. Most of the head injury symptoms occur right away following trauma or occur gradually over time. In this article, you will know more about head injuries, how to assess them, and the possible treatments. read more

purple pillow insights

Purple Pillow Review: Your Comfortable Sleep Companion

Whether you fell in love with the brand’s mattresses or want to check out what’s in store for you, the Purple company offers world-class pillows for maximum sleep comfort. Choosing the right pillow is a crucial aspect not only in terms of comfortability. It also plays a significant role in maintaining your body’s structure. According to sleep experts, pillows support your posture during your sleep. It helps alleviate neck strain and discomfort, providing you a good night’s rest. In this Purple pillow review, we’ll discuss our impressions of the three different types available. Continue reading to learn more. read more

helping someone with bulimia
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How To Help Someone With Bulimia? Tips On Providing Support 

For someone suffering from bulimia, getting support from a family or a loved one is crucial. However, dealing with this kind of situation can be confusing, especially if you don’t have any idea about the condition. In addition, having an eating disorder might be a sensitive topic to tackle, which can sometimes be frustrating to fully understand. Discover how to help someone with bulimia through our support guide. read more

bulimia sore throat
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5 Effects of Bulimia: Sore Throat, Depression, Dehydration, Etc.

We cannot deny the fact that physical appearance affects how people interact and relate to us. As superficial as it may seem, the way you look influences how you get the attraction to other people. It also has an effect on how you look and value yourself. This perception paves the way to developing eating disorders like bulimia nervosa. Let us find out the effects of bulimia - sore throat, depression, circulatory problems, and others. We can also discuss the truth behind bulimia leading to throat cancer and other serious medical issues. read more

holding dental sample
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Oral Cancer Facts: A Collection Of Truths And Misconceptions

Oral cancer grows in the mouth accompanied by a sore that stays for what seems like forever. Cancer could develop in different areas of the mouth such as the lips, mouth floor, tongue, cheeks, sinus, and throat. Since the rate of oral cancer patients is increasing year by year, a lot of misconceptions about it have spread. Let's tackle some oral cancer facts as well as the usual misbeliefs about it before you get your mouth checked. read more

pharyngitis transmission duration
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How Long Is Pharyngitis Contagious? Home Remedies For Smoother Recovery

Are you wondering how long is pharyngitis contagious? It is safe to say that not all cases of pharyngitis are the same and it all lies in how a sore throat is acquired. If you are suffering from a sore throat due to allergic reactions or other environmental factors, there is a slight chance that it is transmissible. On the other hand, the ones that are infectious and contagious are usually pharyngitis that you happen to catch from bacteria or viruses. read more

available treatment for pinched nerve
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What Treatment For Pinched Nerve Is Best? (Causes And Treatment Choices)

Aside from sensation, nerves are crucial pathways to transmit information from the brain to the muscles or organs. Hence, when tingling sensation, numbness, and sharp pain emerge, you should find a treatment for pinched nerve right away. Without immediate medical action, the pinched nerves could only get worse and even end up in your eye. And when this happens, it is best to seek the help of Melbourne-based eye specialists from immediately. read more

neck stretch exercises
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Neck Stretch Exercises, Are They Effective?


Neck stretch exercises are one way to go when you’ve pulled a muscle just right near your neck area. But would you believe that a simple treadmill walk can ease the agonising pain in your neck? Yes, treadmill walks are good for your neck pain because it works on your posture forcing you to keep your chin up and work on your neck muscles. If you have recurring neck pain, it would be nice to get a treadmill. You can buy one at a discounted price by going to this site. read more

a dentist holding a dental equipment
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General Dentistry Services: In Oral Health


Oral health plays a significant role in our overall well-being. Taking good care of our teeth and gums not only gives us confidence with the perfect smile but also helps us digest our food efficiently. There are many ways to maintain excellent oral health at home; however, the best option is still your dentist. To learn more about general dentistry and its perks, please visit for more info. read more

Eye cancer symptoms
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What You Need to know About Eye Cancer Symptoms?


Cancer is like a taboo word, and if you are afraid of that word, you are not alone. However, do you know that cancer can happen in your eye? More often, eye cancer symptoms do not take place in the early stage. Sometimes, you may not be aware that a tumor might be affecting your vision. Nevertheless, if you have a blurred vision, do not panic. Vision problem is not always an indication of ocular cancer. Moreover, it is essential to talk about any eye cancer symptoms with your doctor since they can identify other health issues. read more

2 Types Of Throat Cancer And Its Difference With Viral Infections
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2 Types Of Throat Cancer And Its Difference With Viral Infections


Sometimes, a common cold can be a symptom of a neck or throat problem from a viral infection. Although people can get confused from allergies, flu, or a common cold, there are significant differences. Notably, many types of throat cancer can start with little symptoms that viral infections can also show. The types of throat cancer, according to the experience of this ENT surgeon in Sydney, have treatment available ranging from the medical to dental expertise. read more

7 Signs Of TMJ That X Rays Can Further Detect
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7 Signs Of TMJ That X Rays Can Further Detect


A dentist may look for the early signs of TMJD problems from TMJ X rays that show an overbite or underbite. Additionally, you can click at to read more about sleep problems connected with temporomandibular joint disorder. Many dentistry specialists like oral and maxillofacial surgeons suggest that a temporomandibular disorder may need an orthodontic appliance such as splints and mouth guard for correction. read more

apical periodontitis
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Periapical or Apical Periodontitis: What Is This Disease?


We normally hear periapical periodontitis in dental consultations as one of the common infections that you can get when you have damaged teeth and gums. It is somewhat synonymous with apical periodontitis in that they both affect the tissue around (periapical) or at the tip (apical) of the tooth roots. We visit Lotus Smiles Dental today in Sunbury, VIC to discover what this dental condition is, its types, and what treatment and prevention can we do to combat it. read more

How Does A Dental Panoramic Radiograph Work
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How Does A Dental Panoramic Radiograph Work? (Digital Dentistry)


It is usual for patients to become anxious and even decline to do an x ray for diagnosis. However, through advancements in digital dentistry, there are scanners like a panoramic radiograph that lessens the risks. It is helpful for patients with oral cancer detected with radiograph, mainly digital radiograph, and improve details about it. When it comes to oral health care, research may improve ways of treating mouth problems. read more

5 Ways Medical Marketing Can Help Patients Plan A Check Up
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5 Ways Medical Marketing Can Help Patients Plan A Check-Up


There are various ways and categories under medical marketing that can help promote your medical expertise. After all, medical or dental facilities and clinics may want to encourage patients to look for specialized treatment. When promoting the importance of medical check ups, it is best to cater to specific audiences. A check-up must consist of an examination of the body, detect symptoms of illnesses, and explaining underlying health conditions. Moreover, the provider must also detail what happens during a medical check-up. read more

Are Dental X-Rays Safe For Pregnant Women Oral Health Care
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Are Dental X Rays Safe For Pregnant Women? (Oral Health Care)


Pregnant women may need more dental attention during their pregnancy period. The reason being, most cases show that pregnant women have a higher risk of getting dental diseases. However, many are curious if X-rays are safe for the child and the pregnant woman’s body. A dentist may suggest that digital x rays are better for pregnant women to avoid unwanted side-effects. You may want to know more about alternatives for dental assessments by asking your local dental clinic. Check out a few more suggestions if you want to know, “are dental x-rays safe for any patient?” read more

neck cancer symptoms
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What Head And Neck Cancer Symptoms Should We Watch Out For?


Any part of our body can be attacked by cancer cells, and the signs and symptoms that we would feel rely on or depend on the location or the organ that cancer cells grow in. For instance, head and neck cancer will manifest with signs and symptoms directly affecting the upper portion of the body. Here are some head and neck cancer symptoms that everyone should be aware of so that early detection or prevention is possible.
read more

neck pain doctor
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When Is The Right Time To Visit A Neck Pain Doctor?


A neck pain doctor is a right specialist to see if a person is experiencing any type of pain and discomfort in the neck. However, what kind of doctor should a person see for neck pain? This article will focus on the answer to that question as well as the advantages of visiting this type of specialist. In some occasions, neck pain may be related to tooth pain, don't hesitate to go to an emergency dentist if you feel any severe simultaneous neck and tooth pain. Click on the link for more information. read more

mole removal aftercare
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Mole Removal Aftercare: What Can You Expect?


Do you have moles on your face or other parts of your body? Do you notice them getting bigger or more prominent? This may be a sign of skin cancer. If your doctor suspects skin cancer, he might suggest safe mole removal and skin biopsy for confirmation of the diagnosis. Whether your diagnosis is positive or negative for skin cancer, it is important to learn about tips for mole removal aftercare. read more

neck pain cancer
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Neck Pain And Cancer: Are They Always Connected?


There are so many reasons why you may experience neck pain. Some may complain about it when they strained their muscles from performing exercise activities, poor posture, sudden movements. Some associate it with infections of the throat or mouth since there are swollen lymph nodes located at the neck. But there can also be a time that when a patient complains of neck pain, cancer is the cause. How can one differentiate simple neck pain due to muscular issues from neck pain cancer causes? read more

Is It Risky To Have IV Sedation Pediatric Dentistry Treatment For Kids
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Is It Risky To Have IV Sedation Pediatric Dentistry Treatment For Kids?


Advancements in dentistry such as sedation were able to prove itself in its many benefits. Dentists back then can’t even give the best quality treatment due to risky operations such as surgeries. Many became aware of the helpful benefits of dental treatments and care with sedation. However, infection and complications are still inevitable until today though. Parents will definitely feel very protective of their children knowing that sedation is also an option to numb the pain in kids. So, how does IV sedation Pediatric dentistry treatment even give assurance for parents? Some dentists might recommend IV sedation dentistry depending if it’s a major procedure. read more

immunotherapy for head and neck cancer
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Immunotherapy for head and neck cancer: A brief overview


Cancers of the head and neck are oftentimes more curable and receptive to treatments compared to other types of cancer in different parts of the body. However, the efficiency of treatment may still rely on how early cancer has been detected. Each cancer treatment has a primary goal of killing the cancer cells, but they also may affect the healthy cells and organs nearest to their targets, so doctors are carefully considering the treatments they would give to their patients. One of the treatments used by well-known oncologists is immunotherapy for head and neck cancer. Let us discuss the different head and neck cancers, treatment options used to fight these cancers, what immunotherapy is, and the pros and cons of immunotherapy for head and neck cancer. read more

oropharyngeal lymph tissue
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Oropharyngeal lymph tissue and cancer: What it’s all about


Our body is made up of different parts with different structures, and each structure holds a function that is very different from but connected to everything. Such is the case of oropharyngeal lymph tissue. Unfortunately, cancer cells can also be found in these cells, like any other cells in the body. Let us now discover oral cancer, its relationship with the oropharyngeal lymphoid tissue, and what oral screening for cancer can help early detection. read more

can you get cancer in your nose
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Can you get cancer in your nose?


The likelihood for you to get cancer in your nose is not that high. If you are not in the list of people who are exposed to risk factors the possibility of you getting cancer in your nose is quite low. Risk factors include age (above 40), gender (men are more likely to get nose cancer), smoking, exposure to chemical substances, exposure to human papillomavirus (HPV). The question is “Can you get cancer in your nose if you are exposed the risk factors?” read more

oral cavity cancer staging
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Determining oral cavity cancer staging


Oral cancer does not happen only for those with a sweet tooth or those who smoke. When faced with this difficult challenge in life, a lot of people who are not knowledgeable about its types and stages will just give up and succumb to their condition. So let us help you understand and know the different oral cavity cancer staging to help you cope and determine the best treatment so you can face cancer head-on. You can also visit No Gaps clinics in Sydney for more information and treatment for oral cancer. read more

bulimia throat cancer
#Head and Neck Cancer

Bulimia Throat Cancer


It's long been known that bulimia takes its toll on the internal organs of the system - rupturing the esophagus, triggering laxative dependence of the bowel, tooth decay caused by acid reflux. Unfortunately, studies are now linking this mental illness to throat cancer. Studies are still tentative, but here's a tentative summary for you to view online to get an idea on how bulimia throat cancer develops.
read more

oral cancer screening light
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Oral Cancer Screening Light


Oral cancer screening light is used by a dentist to examine whether a patient has cancer or precancerous conditions in their oral cavity. The objective of this test is early detection of cancer when it is in a easily treatable stage. Most dentist do this test as a routine check for oral cancer. The oral cancer screening light helps the dentist to detect abnormal cells in a patient's oral cavity. If you're looking for high quality oral screening devices, you can try oral screening products from Critical Dental. read more

oral cancer test kit
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Benefits of Oral Cancer Test Kit


The number of people suffering from oral cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. The situation could get worse if not dealt with on time. However, the good news is early detection of oral cancer increases the chances of survival by 80 to 90 percent. Oral cancer can be detected early through thorough examination by a dentist or other medical expert.  The bad part is many folks just don’t bother to visit a dentist to undergo tests and examination. In such a situation, the oral cancer test kit turns out to be a life-saver.

Benefits of Oral Cancer Test Kit

Quick and accurate

The results shown by the kit are quick. There’s no need to wait for hours to check the outcomes. Also, the kit provides accurate results, leaving no room for errors or mistakes.

Saves dentist visit

Many people don’t check a dentist’s office until they experience serious problems with their dentures. Some folks even ignore mild dental issues or try to heal the condition through over the counter medicines. As such, the likelihood of a person checking a dentist for oral cancer detection is minimal. The oral cancer testing kit lets you find out whether you’re hit by cancer without visiting a dentist. If the kit shows positive results, you can seek a qualified professional to treat the cancer.

Affordable oral cancer test kit

Visiting a dentist can be a pricey affair. This is even more correct if you undergo tests and examination for oral cancer detection. Many folks may not be willing to shell out too much just to ascertain whether they’re suffering from oral cancer. It’s here the oral cancer detection kit comes in handy. By investing a small sum, you can check your saliva and find out whether you’re a potential candidate for oral cancer treatment.

Bottom line

Oral cancer test kit is a great tool to detect oral cancer early. Quick and accurate results, affordability, and time-saving are some of the important perks of this handy device. This is why many experts recommend the usage of this kit.

breast reconstruction surgery cost
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Breast Reconstruction Surgery Cost and Other Related Factors.


Breast reconstruction surgery cost is the concern of every cancer patient or anybody who is considering the procedure in order to look perfect again. This helps in the early preparation and determining whether it can be covered by insurance or savings set aside. Unlike most of the reconstruction procedures that are considered as plastic surgery, breast reconstruction isn’t considered as a plastic surgery though it’s done by plastic surgeons. Breast implants after cancer is common among other patients hence most of the insurance companies offer policies that include reconstruction of the breast.

The nature of breast reconstruction surgery. breast reconstruction surgery cost

The reconstruction process requires a lot of procedures which may not be fully covered by the insurance. Some of the related cost is extended to the patient which requires them to prepare adequately before they can consider breast reconstruction surgery. Patients must engage in proper research before they consider the place for the reconstruction process to avoid financial surprise once breast reconstruction surgery is done.

Determinants of breast reconstruction surgery cost.

The cost of breast reconstruction may vary due to different factors which may directly or indirectly affect the financial position of the patient. Some of the factors that the causes variation in cost for breast reconstruction include:

  • Patient complexity.
  • Location of the patient.
  • Experience of the surgeon.
  • cases of emergency of the surgery.

The patient must undergo all the necessary examinations by a qualified surgeon to determine the best procedure that will match the reconstruction process. The breast reconstruction type is a great determinant of the cost hence the patient must be taken through the available options before they settle on the best way.

Types of breast reconstructions.

There are three main options for patients who are considering breast reconstruction. One reconstruction option should be carried out at a specific time to avoid any complication that may be related to the procedure. The main types of breast reconstruction surgery may have different costs attached to them and they include:

  • Implant-based.
  • Autologous tissue.
  • A combination of implant

cancer rush
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Types of Cancer Rash and their Characteristics.


Actinic keratosis cancer rash. When these nodes are numerous they will appear like the rush. This cancer rushes usually consists of dark or scaly nodes. They will often emerge in areas exposed to the sun for quite some times especially on the face, hands or on the neck. As stated above they are usually as a result if long expose on the skin to ultraviolet sunlight. If these nodes are became worst just give us a call to prevent possible skin cancer.

Actinic cheilitis cancer rash. It looks like scaly scalps and ulcers on the lower lip. cancer rush The lip affected may also be   swollen and appear reddish. This is due to prolonged exposure to the sun, so it often affects people with light skin who live in a sunny climate. Active inflammation of the lips may turn into cell carcinoma if nodules are not removed.

Cutaneous cancer rash. This type of cancer rash is very disturbing because in about half of the cases they grow from cancerous skin ulcers. Large, painful nodes are more carcinogenic. Usually, they will grow into clusters thus becoming a very painful rash.

Mole cancer rash. These rashes are usually smooth skin and mostly with brown color. They will often grow on separate locations but adults can have them appear in the same place forming a cancer rash. They end being a severe and painful type of cancer rash.

Basal cell carcinoma. This type of cancer rash appears either red or pink in color on the skin. Just like most other types of cancer rash, it is also caused by prolonged exposure to the harmful sun rays

Merkel cancer rash. It is a rare cancer rash. It appears like a reddish tumor and spreads very fast to other surrounding skin areas. Most likely to appear on the neck or on the face. Caused by prolonged exposure to the sun.

how to check for thyroid cancer
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How to Check for Thyroid Cancer


Doctors use many tests to find, or diagnose, cancer. If a person has symptoms and signs of head and neck cancer, the doctor will take a complete medical history, noting all symptoms and conduct a head, neck and lymph node check. Sometimes, certain tests will be conducted around the thyroid as well.

The thyroid is located inside the neck under adam’s apple. It is a very important gland in the body, although it is very small. It is responsible for the production of the hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Not all throat problems can lead to thyroid cancer. First, you need to check for thyroid cancer symptoms to see if it’s really cancer.

The steps on how to check for thyroid cancer symptoms can be done in two ways;

  • you can either go for a medical check-up or
  • you can just examine yourself at home.


There’s no specific time of when you should start doing the test, although the disease appears mostly in young adults and very rare can you find it developing in adolescence or childhood stages. Here’s a procedure that you can follow:

  • Stand in front of your mirror where you can see your throat and neck
  • Tilt your head back in a position that your neck is easy and clearly visible
  • Take a drink of water and swallow it. Look carefully around your neck if you can see any unusual appearance like a lump or any enlargement. how to check for thyroid cancer
  • For an accurate observation, you should repeat the above step severally.
  • In case of detecting anything unusual, you should visit a doctor for professional checkups.

2. Medical/professional examinations/tests

This mostly goes to those people with higher risks of developing thyroid cancer. For example, if you have a family history of having overactive thyroid glands or those who have undergone head and neck radiation treatments as well as those who have been exposed to toxic radiations. These categories of persons may have to undergo at least one of the following tests:


dip tooth loss

Dip Tooth Loss and Cancer risks


Even though healthy teeth can result in good smiles and better well-being, there are some related effects that can cause more risks to the tooth. Tooth loss is one of the painful moments that you can easily experience when you don’t give them the right dental care in place. When you experience dip tooth loss either as a result of tooth infection or decay, you should consider working with professionals for early corrective measures. Dental implants are one of the best corrective measures for tooth loss.

Dip tooth loss is majorly caused by habits such as chewing and smoking tobacco without putting proper and right dental hygiene in place.When you get involved in any of the tobacco use, you are doing a lot of injustice to your teeth and you are likely to add pain. The damage can be so severe and may result in total teeth loss or may lead to teeth decay. Chemicals that are obtained from such habits can extend to affect the tongue, gums and the throat which then puts you on high risks for cancer.

The dip is highly associated with cancer risks either in the mouth and the throat. The wrong perception that has deceived many people about smokeless tobacco has caused them more harm than good. Some of the effects that result from the dip that will affect the safety of your teeth include;
Gum infection
•Tooth decay dip tooth loss
•Mouth sores
•Gum recession
Mouth cancer

Ways to control the risk of cancer

Timely dental procedures are some of the ways to help achieve better dental health and avoid any possibility of cancer in the mouth. The condition can be perfectly managed when you totally avoid the use of tobacco products. When your gums are affected, your teeth will weaken and become unable to support the normal roles which may result in tooth loss. The fluid that comes from tobacco when consumed in high quantity can result in pancreatic cancer. Don’t imagine you are safe from the effects of tobacco and its advisable to have frequent cancer screening to avoid extreme cases.

stage 3 oral cancer
#Cancer Awareness

3rd Stage Oral Cancer


Oral cancer has developed into one of the most silent and horrifying disease that often proves to be lethal. One should have proper knowledge about the disease so that it can be diagnosed at an early stage. The treatment varies for different stages so if you want to know what they are you can check with CP Dental for more information.

There are several factors that can determine the stage of cancer like the size of the tumors, spread of the cancer to other body parts or its effects on lymph nodes. Stage 3 oral cancer is a severe condition when the oral tumor is larger than 4cm or when the tumor is of any size. The cancer cells are present in one lymph node located on same side of the head or neck as the primary tumor and its size is often less than 3cm across. It’s better if it is diagnosed early as it can be treated with less complication. However if one feels any such problems then definitely he should go for a medical help. This disease is one of the life threatening diseases which had spread throughout the globe. The number of patients has been growing for last few years. This has been mainly due to bad lifestyle habits. stage 3 oral cancer

Some of the deadly habits like smoking, drinking are the major causes behind the rise of the disease. Consumption of tobacco in any form can make the condition even worse. Therefore one must take care of lifestyle habits and must not indulge into habits that could prove to be fatal in future. Proper healthy diet and regular workouts can boost your immune system and help fight against several diseases including oral cancer. Some people despite having good lifestyle can develop the disease because of genetic conditions. For those people it becomes mandatory to seek medical help as soon as they realize that some unusual development in the body is there.

Medical Science has made huge achievements and the disease can be treated if diagnosed at an early stage. So, proper knowledge and information should be spread throughout so that the number of patients could be reduced to some extent. Knowledge of the disease can prove to be life saving for many of such patients.

nasal tumors
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Nasal tumors: Variety, Signs and Symptoms


A nasal tumor is a kind of swelling that appears in a person’s nasal cavity. It is important to note that not all types of tumors are cancer. The nasal tumors usually appear in different parts of the nose such as the nerves, the blood vessels, nasal lining, or even the cartilage. The most common type of the nasal tumors grows slowly in a person’s nose without invading into any particular nasal structures.

Common varieties of nasal tumors

1.Sinasal tumors.
This type of nasal tumor is very rare. It is a type of tumor that can arise in any part of a person’s nose. This type of tumor can be caused by inverted papillomas, adenocarcinoma, melanoma, plasmacytoma, giant cell tumor among other causes.
2.Malignant tumors.
Malignant tumors are a type of tumors that can easily spread to other parts of the body are commonly referred to as cancers. This type of cancers can be cured through the process of surgery. Examples of malignant tumors are,

  • Lymphoma
  • Squamous cell cancer
  • Melanoma which is a type of cancer similar to the one that is derived from pigment cells which cause the cancer of the skin. nasal tumors
  • Adenocarcinoma is also a type of malignant tumor which is formed from the glandular structures in epithelial tissue.

Signs and symptoms of tumors of the nose

  • Pain above the eye or below the eye region.
  • Decreased loss of the smelling senses.
  • Nasal drainage in the back of the nose and throat.
  • Pus draining from the nose.
  • Numbness or pain in parts of the face
  • Frontal sinus which is the swelling of the region above the eye on the forehead.

In conclusion,

You should seek medical attention early enough when you experience the above signs and symptoms so as to avoid complications that can be caused by nasal tumors.

gum disease and cancer
#Cancer Awareness

The link between gum disease and cancer


Taking care of your teeth by maintaining good oral hygiene, routine visits to your dentist and reading useful information on dental health at DrHornsbyDental and other dental websites may not only be saving your smile but also your dear life. Recent studies have shown that there is a possibility that a common form of gum disease may also lead to head and neck cancer. It was discovered that people with advanced gum disease(periodontitis) are often diagnosed with head and neck disease. This is because when you have periodontitis, there is a progressive loss of bones and the soft tissue surrounding the teeth and this was associated with a more than three times higher risk of cancer of the head and neck. read more

benefits of dry needling
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Benefits of Dry Needling


Also known as intramuscular stimulation (IMS), dry needling is a form of treatment that involves inserting the needle into a trigger point of the muscle. By using the same thin needles used in acupuncture, skilled physiotherapists directly target the trigger points that normally cause pain throughout the body. For instance, dry needling for neck pain is proven to be helpful in decreasing pain and increasing motion for patients. read more

Signs And Symptoms Of Salivary Gland Tumors
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Signs And Symptoms Of Salivary Gland Tumors


The word salivary gland is used to collectively describe a large group of organs in the mouth and throat. The primary purpose of these glands is the secretion of saliva. Saliva is a mixture of water, mucous membranes, antibacterial agents and enzymes of most mammals. This substance begins to break down starch and fat, which initiates the process of digestion with chewing. They can start in the mouth, neck or throat glands. The salivary glands produce saliva that aids in absorption maintains moisture in the mouth and supports healthy teeth. read more

Leading Causes of Death Australia
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Leading Causes Of Death In Australia


The expectancy of life in Australia seems to be among the highest in the world. As per some study Australia came third in the statistics of life expectancy. In the year 2015 the average life expectancy was estimated around 79 years in case of males and 85 years for females.
Cigarette smoking is another leading causes of death in Australia, but when you compare it with rest of the world, it is around 16% and found one of the lowest in the world. Smoking can have negative effects on our bodies, as we are all aware of it. Especially to our dental health. It's a good idea to have your teeth checked up by a professional more frequently if you are a smoker. You can visit this dentistry site in Burwood for more information. read more

basilar skull fracture
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Basilar Skull Fracture: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Basilar skull fractures are serious injuries that can occur when the head is struck, resulting in a break in one or more bones that make up the skull. This injury can cause lasting damage if not treated properly. This blog post will discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatment of basilar skull fractures. We will also provide information on how to prevent these injuries from happening in the first place. To make sure, you can go to Omnicare’s medical clinic in Southbank to get you checked up.

  • What is a basilar skull fracture?
  • What causes a basilar skull fracture?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of a basilar skull fracture?
  • How is a basilar skull fracture diagnosed?
  • How is a basilar skull fracture treated?



What is a basilar skull fracture?

A basilar skull fracture is a break in one or more bones that make up the base of the skull. Also called basal skull fracture, this injury can cause lasting damage if not treated properly. Basilar skull fractures are serious injuries that can occur when the head is struck. This injury can cause lasting damage if not treated properly. It is easy to say that this is the most serious type of skull fracture.

What causes a basilar skull fracture?

A Basilar Skull Fracture (BSF) can be caused by a direct hit to the head or, more commonly, sudden acceleration or deceleration of the head. This can occur in motor vehicle accidents, falls, or sporting accidents.

Basilar skull fractures can be caused by several things, including:

accidents causing skull fracturesA direct blow to the head (head trauma)

– A fall from a height

– An automobile accident

– A violent blow to the face

Other less common causes include penetrating injuries (e.g., gunshot wounds) and assaults. Because of the high amount of force required to produce a basilar skull fracture, these types of fractures are more common in young individuals who are more likely to take part in high-risk activities (e.g., rock climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, etc.)

What are the signs and symptoms of a basilar skull fracture?

Most skull bone fractures can cause a number of signs and symptoms, which can vary depending on the severity of the injury. Some of the most common symptoms include:

– Headache

– Neck pain

– Pain or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

– Dizziness

– Difficulty speaking or swallowing

– Blurred vision

– Nausea and vomiting

– Loss of smell or taste

– Seizures

Signs and symptoms of basilar skull fractures are related to the close proximity of the skull base to cranial nerves.

Anterior basilar skull fracture

Anterior basilar skull fractures are associated with the “raccoon eyes” sign, referring to consequent bruising around the eyes. Additionally, these fractures can cause CSF to leak out through the ears or nose, resulting in the classic “halo” sign. This sign appears when CSF mixes with blood on an absorbent surface, such as paper or bed sheets, and creates a double ring pattern. Other symptoms of anterior basilar skull fractures include partial or total loss of vision and smell and eye movement defects due to cranial nerve damage.

Middle skull base fracture

Middle skull base fractures are the most common type and mainly affect the temporal bone and inner ear. They are associated with damage to the carotid artery, hearing loss, and loss of balance. These types of fractures (temporal bone fractures) can lead to blood pooling behind the eardrum, causing it to appear purple. Additionally, they can result in bruising behind the ear, known as the Battle sign.

Posterior skull base fracture

Finally, posterior skull base fractures are associated with a cervical spine injury, vertebral artery injury, and damage to the lower cranial nerves. These fractures are less common than the other two but risk damaging the brainstem, which could be fatal.

battle sign checkPatients with basal skull fractures frequently have bruises around their eyes and a bruise behind their ear. They may also have clear fluid draining from their nose or ears due to a tear in part of the brain’s covering. These patients usually require close observation in the hospital with post-op monitoring for posttraumatic skull base fracture or severe traumatic brain injury.

If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury and is experiencing these symptoms, it is essential to seek medical attention immediately. Basilar skull fractures can be challenging to diagnose, so it is vital to see a doctor as soon as possible after the injury occurs.

How is a basilar skull fracture diagnosed?

Basilar skull fractures can be challenging and tricky to diagnose, as the symptoms can be similar to those of other injuries or conditions. A doctor will typically perform a physical examination and ask about the patient’s medical history and symptoms. They may also order imaging tests such as a CT scan or MRI to get a better look at the injury.

Diagnosis of a basilar skull fracture is sometimes suspected by the characteristic clinical findings upon physical examination. Clinical assessment typically uses the Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) to evaluate the level of consciousness in a person following a traumatic brain injury. The GCS is a 15-point scale that assesses three responses: eye movement, verbal response, and motor response. Individuals with a GCS of 13 to 15 are considered to have a mild head injury, whereas individuals with severe head injury typically have a GCS of 8 or less.

After initial evaluation, it is crucial to recognize blood or CSF leaking out of the ear or nose and the presence of bruising around the eyes or behind the ears. The doctor can perform a complete neurological evaluation in conscious individuals to identify any cranial nerve injury as soon as possible.

Once the physical examination is complete, a computed tomography (CT) scan is usually performed to identify the exact location of the traumatic skull fractures and the potential risk of complications.

How is a basilar skull fracture treated?

Basilar skull fractures are typically treated with surgery. However, in some cases, nonsurgical treatment may be an option.

skull fracture symptomsIf surgery is required, treatment aims to repair the isolated basilar skull fracture and prevent any further damage to the brain (vascular injury). This may involve plates, screws, or other hardware to stabilize the fracture site. In some cases, a piece of the skull may need to be removed to allow the brain to swell.

After surgery, patients will usually remain in the hospital for some time so that the healthcare team and monitor their condition. They will likely need to take pain medication and may require physical therapy or other rehabilitation services.

In some cases, nonsurgical treatment may be an option. This may be the case in patients who are not good candidates for surgery or have a low risk of complications. Nonsurgical treatment typically involves close observation and management of symptoms.

Basilar skull fractures can be serious injuries that require prompt medical attention. If you or someone you know has suffered a head injury, it is essential to seek medical care. Basilar skull fractures can be challenging to diagnose, so it is vital to see a doctor as soon as possible after the injury occurs. With prompt treatment, most patients with this fracture type can recover fully.