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how to get rid of toothache at night
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How To Get Rid Of Toothache At Night: 7 Things You Can Do At Home

Experiencing tooth sensitivity and pain can really affect your mood and your outlook for the whole day. It messes up your schedule and makes it harder for you to focus and perform your daily tasks. So, imagine how bothersome it is to have a toothache in the middle of the night, especially if you complain of tooth pain with a headache. What’s worse is that your dentist may not be available when you need him. So, let’s find out what causes your pain and sensitivity, how to get rid of toothache at night, and what home remedies that you can use to have pain relief. read more

bulimia sore throat
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5 Effects of Bulimia: Sore Throat, Depression, Dehydration, Etc.

We cannot deny the fact that physical appearance affects how people interact and relate to us. As superficial as it may seem, the way you look influences how you get the attraction to other people. It also has an effect on how you look and value yourself. This perception paves the way to developing eating disorders like bulimia nervosa. Let us find out the effects of bulimia - sore throat, depression, circulatory problems, and others. We can also discuss the truth behind bulimia leading to throat cancer and other serious medical issues. read more

holding dental sample
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Oral Cancer Facts: A Collection Of Truths And Misconceptions

Oral cancer grows in the mouth accompanied by a sore that stays for what seems like forever. Cancer could develop in different areas of the mouth such as the lips, mouth floor, tongue, cheeks, sinus, and throat. Since the rate of oral cancer patients is increasing year by year, a lot of misconceptions about it have spread. Let's tackle some oral cancer facts as well as the usual misbeliefs about it before you get your mouth checked. read more